Ouch, losing two to the lowly Brewers

The Giants offense and starting pitching has suddenly turned cold and the addition of Moises Alou hasn't sparked much of anything yet. While it is too early to overly worry plus one must acknowledge that the loss of Bonds did and continues to hurt, this offense should be good enough to be generating the 5+ runs necessary to win, not the 17 runs over the past 5 games that it has. Durham and Alou are the only players to not get hot and push the team, every other batter has contributed in some substantial way to the offense, it is time for them to pick the team up.

Jerome Williams just got sent down to the minors to work out whatever kinks that developed from skipping his turn and throwing him into a relief role - he pitched great in his first start. Hopefully the regular starts without the pressure of MLB will help him relax and figure out what he needs to do to get the job done. He is too good a pitcher to be scuffling like this, but it is not entirely his fault, he shouldn't be the fifth starter, losing a turn to days off, Rueter or Tomko should have been. But he has been a mature player and he should be able to turn things around in Fresno and get things going for the Giants once he gets back to the majors.

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