Football score at Coors today: Giants 13 - Rockies 6

Wow, what a game. Lowry extended his winning streak: he is now 7-0 for his career. However, it was pretty rough, 5.1 IP, 6 runs given up. But Feliz had a grand slam and 5 RBI, Snow had 3 hits, 2 RBI, Grissom double and HR, 2 RBI, almost everyone had like two hits except for Alfonzo and Vizquel, even Lowry had two hits. Giants winnah!

It was so early, I was surprised that Alou didn't bring in Williams to pitch. Unless... maybe he gets a change of heart, lets Schmidt pitch tomorrow to keep him on schedule but then pitch Williams on Sunday and push back the rotation to follow with Rueter, Tomko, Lowry, then back to Schmidt and Williams? It's not like Rueter and Tomko couldn't use an extra day of rest, they weren't great at all so far.

Tomko's comment about how he would have gotten more on the free agent market, that the Giants got a bargain, notwithstanding, he is the same old Tomko, lost and inconsistent. And I was sooo hoping that all the things he said would make a difference - the sports shrink, the move towards more fast balls, the different exercise regimen in the off-season - but I guess not. At least not so far. But it is still early, maybe he can still figure it out, but it has been same-old, same-old. Luckily the season is long and the Giants have a good offense (great once Bonds and Alou are in there) so he just needs to pitch a typical Tomko year to win 12-15 games for us.

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