Barry looking guiltier...

In a story originally reported in the Chron and was followed up by ESPN and their full-time reporter following Barry, Pedro Gomez, Barry Bonds has reportedly started working out with Greg Anderson again.

WHY BARRY?!? He's a smart guy. He knows what out in the press. His testimony to the Grand Jury is that he wouldn't take any and that Anderson knows that if he doped Barry, he would drop him. Well, all the evidence currently (I'm keeping an open mind) says that Anderson did apparently dupe Barry into taking substances that Balco called the Cream and the Clear (now known as arthritis balm and flaxseed oil).

Hasn't Barry talked with Anderson? Wouldn't he ask him why the FBI and IRS says that Anderson had schedules documenting that he gave Barry some of Balco's best? Can he see that by associating with Anderson, he is making it look like to fans that he was in on this?

I know how people can be blinded when it comes to their friends but his "friend" has entangled him in a world of suspicions and doubt as to his abilities, at least those shown in the past 5 seasons, and it should bother him, even if he thinks his friend is just an innocent bystander to Conte's machinations. But at minimum, I would grill my "friend" on any and all points regarding this whole thing and I cannot imagine any answers that would get me to say, "OK, you are a good friend, let's go exercise together."

I still hope for the best, but I fear the worse and it is getting worst with each allegation.

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