Tucker's Da Man!

Wow, who would have thunk that Tucker would add his name to the annals of McCovey Cove Splash Hitters? And a Grand Salami at that, the first of his career! And what a game! The pitching was great, especially my man Jerome but the bullpen gets it right today as well after a few gasoline-lit outings, though Benitez did give up a run.

And the offense just did enough again. Obviously, the offense is not a high powered machine without their two legitimate 30+ home run hitters out of the lineup. But it is full of little engines who could and together they can do some damage, as they have shown all spring training - remember, Alou was basically AWOL until the last week of spring training.

Amazingly enough, it is doing it without Durham playing his normal brand of baseball, which has been good enough to rate the Giants #1 in the leadoff spot in OPS the past two years, even with him out of the lineup a lot. Imagine what it can do once he gets it going.

Thus far, the offense has been led by the hot Edgardo Alfonzo, who apparently finally realized this off-season that he's not getting any younger, so he worked out, lost a lot of weight (lots of comments in today's game about how he would not have reached so many of the balls that he has gotten to this season if he was in the same shape he was last season), and played winter ball for the first time in years. He already has 2 homers, 5 RBI, and is hitting .533.

Pedro Feliz, Omar Vizquel, J.T. Snow, (amazingly) Mike Matheny, and Marquis Grissom has also done well, virtually the whole lineup. Only Alou (before his injury), Durham and Tucker hadn't been doing much but then Tucker did just enough today. As the cliche goes, there's a new hero every day. And that's the way the Giants offense will have to win it until Moises, and then Barry, rejoin the lineup.

And the starting pitching has been sterling, with all the starters doing good to great except for Tomko who was just ordinary Tomko. If the bullpen had not imploded like they did, the Giants could be 4-1 right now. But I will take 3-2 with Moises and Barry out.

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