Roller Coaster Ride

Man, what a game! Giants were cruising along, leading 6-0, then all of a sudden the Rockies score a touchdown and got the conversion, 8-6 lead for the Rockies! Then the Giants inch back to 8-7 before Grissom lines one into the stands for a 3-run homer, 10-8 Giants win! KNTV left out the part about leading 6-0, that was a big flavor of the game (bad Raj! :^).

I have to admit that playing fantasy baseball skews my thinking a bit. The little voice goes, "Oh, come on, get me that rotisserie score!" Like I was going to get my first Win because I have Lowry and I was thinking "Score!" but then the wheel comes off the bullpen - AGAIN! - before they right themselves and enable the team to come back and win.

Well, this bullpen is just on fire, and not in a good way. I guess that is why Al Levine was re-signed the other day, just in case. Don't know what to say other than bullpen, heal thyself! Otherwise, the offense is about what I would expect, some good days like today, some poor days like the last two games against the Dodgers, and the starting pitching has been good to OK as well. If the bullpen can turn it around the Giants should be fine until the big guns return to the lineup.

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