Bonds out at least the first month of the season

According to the latest news, Bonds should be out at least the first month of the season. Good thing the Giants at least signed Moises Alou to play RF plus keep Pedro Feliz around. This shows what a good strategy it was to get another key offensive player to be around in case Bonds is not around. As I outlined in various articles on sfdugout.com, every player in his 40's either suffered a poor offensive year and/or could not play a full schedule of games.

Of course, it would not have been my first choice to pick a player who would turn 39 this season as well as have his best season after two sub-par (though still good) seasons, in fact one of his peak seasons for his career; there is arguably one, maybe two, better seasons. I still would have preferred getting a young stud hitter that Barry could tutor but beggars (and fans) can't be chosers. Instead we get photo ops of Barry tutoring Dan Ortmeier, who, while having a disappointing year in Norwich, didn't really do that badly either.

Looking over Alou's stats, one would not have thought he would amount to so much after what he had accomplished in his 20's. He didn't play over 145 games in a season and only beat 115 games twice. I presume injuries were the cause as his performance would suggest a full-time role. Three seasons with homers in the low 20's. He was consistently near .300 but only passed it once and didn't walk much either (and still really don't but better than average). No 100+ RBI season (highest 96, then 85), only one season SLG over .500.

But once he passed 30, he suddenly figured it all out, including health. Four seasons 150 games or over, all over 125 games except for 1999 when he was out all year. Three seasons 30+ homers plus one 27. Three seasons batting over .300, three seasons OBP .396+, four seasons SLG over .500, once over .600. Five seasons 100+ RBI plus one 91.

Hopefully he can keep it up.


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