How to get Congress NOT to subpoena you

I loved a quote from this article from the Merc today on Congress subpoening a number of prominent figures in baseball, from players - former and current, users, suspected users, and steroid opposers - to officials, from MLB to team management to Players Union.

However, someone whom the media has pinpointed for a prominent role, Barry Bonds, was on the list. As the Merc wrote, "Why wasn't the Giants star ordered to testify?" "We want this hearing to be focused on the issues of steroids in baseball, not on Barry Bonds,'' said David Marin, an aide to U.S. Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican and the chairman of the committee. "He tends to ramble and get off-point.'' (my emphasis)

Is that all you have to do to get off? :^)

But seriously, why didn't they? I think because Barry's grand jury testimony is out and he has answered, ad infinitem, steroid questions with the media so much that he called them reruns (he should have quoted "What's Happening" instead of "Stanford and Son"), Congress probably figured that they will just get a re-run of the "Barry Answering Steroid Questions" show, plus he can't say anything different from what he has already testified anyway, plus everyone in the nation has probably seen his rant from when he arrived, so there would probably be nothing new if he testified, other than him calling the politicians liars and cheaters, and that would hurt them since he would be hitting close to the mark. :^)

While I'm on the subject, this whole thing smells like a publicity stunt. The stated goal that I read was "... trying to educate our youth by letting them know the dangers of steroids." If that is so, then why are they calling all these MLB people up to testify? Only one has admitted to steroids usage. The other players are known objectors and suspected users. What do these Congressmen expect to hear besides, "Uh, your honor, steroids is, you know, bad for you, B-A-D, , hello, is this mike working?..."

And if they asked if they have used before, that may force some confessions (though, as most media has speculated, they will probably take the 5th Amendment and not say anything), but what would that do for the youths of America? What would it accomplish? Put a red scarlet "S" on these players, but will that stop young people from using? If anything, they will see that these players were very successful using steroids, if only I can find some that will do the same for me but is undetectible. It would be much better to bring in medical experts who has some sort of medical studies that show what steroids actually does do to the body. Or admitted users who now regret it.


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