It just doesn't get any worse....

It's bad enough losing to the Dodgers... But to lead 8-5 going into the bottom of the 9th with your monster closer going for you in Armando Benitez... Then the rook Jason Ellison - welcome to the big leagues! - overplays the ball and the winning run scores on his error (shades of Cody Ransom!). So instead of Dodger fans crying in their soup watching their team get whomped on their home opener... Tomko better have a great outing Wednesday!

There was so much to like about the game up to then. Vizquel's been a marvel hitting. Matheny too. Feliz got his first dinger today and it was a beaut! And Alfonzo has been on FIRE! 4 hits! Again, the Giants had the opportunities to score but failed after the 3rd and the bullpen failed them again.

But it is still early yet and no one is running away yet. The Giants just need to stay within shouting distance of 1st place before the big boys come back to the lineup and jazz the lineup up. With the way the Giants offense has been going, can you imagine what would happen once their two best hitters join the lineup? We'll be winning a lot of football scores (14-10, 9-7) with the way the bullpen has been giving it up and the lineup has been performing with either of their sluggers.

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