Bloggers' discussion of Giants prospects

Sorry, I was nose deep with work and it didn't dawn on me that I have been remiss in not linking up to a discussion of Giants prospects that a number of us bloggers have been doing and that I had the honor of being invited to.

Tom Gorman had the great idea of a prospect roundtable discussion among a number of Giants bloggers to talk about the prospects in the Giants minor league system. Participants included Tom and Rob (Fogball), Steve (Giants News Diary), Alex (El Lefty Malo), Doug (Westwood Blues), Grant (McCovey Chronicles) and myself. Steve did a great job moderating it.

Leading off was the discussion of David Aardsma that was on Fogball.

Next up was the discussion of Brad Hennessey that was on El Lefty Malo.

Third up was the discussion of Pat Misch that was on McCovey Chronicles.

Clean-up was the discussion of Merkin Valdez that was on Westwood Blues (posting date: April 18th).

Fifth will be the discussion of Matt Cain that will be here soon.

Then we will end with a discussion of some of the hitting prospects back at Fogball again.