Lowry gets his first loss

Well, it finally happened and at least it's now out of the way, I think reporters fixated on that too much and might have weighed on his mind. Plus part of it is pure luck, there were games that he should have lost, like the one in Colorado, and this time he gutted out a good performance (eventually) out of the lemon pitching he did in the early going, retiring the last 7 batters he faced. And if it wasn't for Vizquel's error, the game would have been tied and he wouldn't have gotten the loss, the game would have went into extra innings.

Yes, no reason to be happy, pretty pissed right now, but the cliche is that it is still early. Sure, it hurts that our hated rivals, the Dodgers seem to pull a rabbit out of their hat every other day. It hurts that we are already 6 games behind. But they are going good right now and eventually that lucky streak will end and the Giants will inch back closer.

Remember, the Giants had a huge lead early in 2003 and had the Dodgers, then the D-backs, rush all the way back to tie the Giants or at least get real close again to make it a valid pennant race. They each got back players who helped them do it, the Dodgers got Kevin Brown going on a great hot streak (he was injured the year before), then the D-backs got back the Unit (he was injured early in the season, if I remember these correctly). The Giants will get such a boost, partially from Alou returning, mainly when Bonds return. Then the close games that we are losing will become close games that we are winning.

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