Giants finally win one

By the hair of their chinny-chin-chin, 4-3 in extra innings (13). Only eked out 6 hits, luckily one of them was Lance Niekro's 2nd homer (then again, the D-backs were lucky themselves, their 3 runs came off a homer, else they were shut out as well). Bullpen was stellar again.

Felipe is talking about shaking up the lineup - Vizquel leading off, Durham 3rd, Moises 4th, Feliz lower - in order to get the offense going. Moises being in there should help immensely, nothing against "Mr. Colorado" Michael Tucker (he kills Colorado but sucks vs. everyone this year). Our pitching will get healthy on the Brew-crew's meager offense, though they have a few players who are hitting well, like Brady Clark plus Lyle Overbay was doing OK until recently. The Brewer's pitching, however, has been pretty good so let's see if the Giants offense can do anything against them. Alou has historically hit well against them, so hopefully he can lead the offense this weekend.

Lineup? Vizquel, Snow, Durham, Alou, Alfonzo, Feliz, Grissom, Matheny if Alou goes to his lineup shake up.

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