Oops, forgot to talk about Sweeney

Well, it appears the Giants have found a younger Snow in Sweeney. He hits RHP but not LHP. He had power on the road in 2005 but not at home. He hits better on the road. Don't know about his defense but at least he plays the outfield, giving the team flexibility there, plus he hasn't normally played a lot so the Giants can give Niekro more ABs against RHP in order to see if he can figure out RHP. And Alou could PH with each other to reduce their ABs against tough relievers throwing their sidedness.

The most troubling sign is that in limited ABs at SBC, he has not done very well there. Perhaps he can figure it out if he joins the team. Plus perhaps it was the caliber of pitching as well. However, until he proves otherwise, it appears he is one of the LHH who cannot hit at SBC.


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