BA's thoughts on who Giants Might Draft

Just ran across this Baseball America Ask BA question that asks what's on many of our minds: who might the Giants pick with their 10th pick? Scroll down to the entry for October 5th, question by Danielle Silva of Oakland. Just before that, Jim Callis had already run down who they thought might be the first 10 players drafted and, oddly enough, BA forecasts Desperate times for the Giants at the tenth pick: they see Evan Longoria, SS for Long Beach State U., as the 10th pick.

Points to take away:
  • The 2006 draft looks underwhelming at the moment, though much can change after spring games. The scouts see 2006 as being thin on position players. My take is this is not a problem for the Giants who draft pitchers predominantly.
  • They see signability as a factor in the Giants pick.
  • They note that the Giants don't have any pattern to their picks, college vs. H.S., hitters vs. pitchers with their early picks.
  • Their best guess as to the top player in each of these categories are Evan Longoria, Oregon State RHP Dallas Buck, The Woodlands (Texas) High RHP Kyle Drabek, and Monsignor Pace High (Opa Locka, Fla.) 3B Chris Marrero.
Longoria seems like a good pick since we need a good SS prospect. But given the bias towards pitchers, Drabek seems like a more likely choice.


Blogger Teh Neifi Chicken said...

This will definitely change after the next amateur season. High school juniors will put on size, or suddenly pick up 6 mph on their fastball and become first rounders.

Still, the Giants have a possibility at FOUR top-50 draft picks. Hopefully some amateurs start taking some real steps to boost the class

Thu Nov 03, 12:02:00 AM PST  
Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Thanks for the post, Teh.

How do you get four top-50 picks? I see 10th and I assume you mean their 2nd round pick at 40th, but supplemental picks should push that beyond the 50th pick. Then you got the pick we get for Eyre, because we are trying to resign him but I am guessing you think he's gone (sadly, I think so as well). That's three.

I don't see the fourth one unless some team is stupid enough to sign Tomko before we don't get a pick unless we offer him arbitration - and the Giants are not going to offer him arbitration. Tomko isn't worth losing a draft pick over, only the Giants appear to follow such a strategy. I assume Snow is not eligible for a pick but even if he were, we're not offering him arbitration either. And Fassero already re-signed with us. So you've stumped me and now I am really curious where you got the fourth pick from (or the others if I made the wrong assumptions above).

Thu Nov 03, 01:30:00 AM PST  
Blogger Teh Neifi Chicken said...

If we lose Scott Eyre, that is two picks - the team's top pick and a compensation pick.

Tomko gets the team's top pick.

SF should offer Tomko arbitration because there is virtually no chance he'd take it. Only Sabean's anti-draft policies would have them deny him arbitration. He might do that, but I think it'd be foolish

Thu Nov 03, 02:50:00 PM PST  

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