Just when you get used to it: SBC to become AT&T Park

According to this article, Pac Bell Park, AKA SBC Park, will eventually undergo another name change as SBC, because of its AT&T acquisition, will take on the AT&T brand name.

Another article in the Chron, makes fun of the whole thing, poking fun at the telecom companies and the changing of names so frequently. The author clearly don't understand business well, branding is very important in business, else Coca Cola (i.e. Coke) would have changed their product's name after they took the cocaine out of the ingredients list (hey, it was only for medicinal purposes!), else IBM would change their name to, say, IBS (International Business Solutions) because they are mostly a software and services firm today. AT&T is known by almost everyone in the United States, as businesspeople, they could not just bury that name too for the glory of the SBC name, which doesn't mean much to anyone. AT&T brings to mind telefony, telecommunications, they had to use that brand.

Why do they think the new sole owners of their newspaper kept the Chronicle as the company name and ditched the Examiner when the owner's famous great grandfather (or was it great great grandfather) started the Examiner (before getting depicted fictionally in Orson Welles Citizen Kane)? If brand don't matter, why don't they suggest the owners of the newspaper ditch the Chronicle name and get something more in tune with today, like News Depot, Info-Mart, or WorldWebNews?

Picky on my part but most articles got the sequence of events wrong. SBC did not buy the rights to change the stadium name just a couple of years ago, they bought it long ago when they bought Pac Bell. They decided to leave that name on the company (and therefore the park) at that time when they could have done the name change earlier. But then a couple of years ago they decided to boost the brand of SBC by changing all their operating companies to just that name instead of allowing existing local brands to continue. So they changed the park's name. Just basic business stuff.

And why poke fun at the Telecom's alphabet soup in a sports article? That boat sailed a while ago, they did that a while back, they should have complained back then, when it was fresh. And so what that the letters don't stand for anything anymore? Do they also want to make fun of all the people's last names that end in "-son" because that used to reflect that you were Eric's son or David's son or so on? Hey, that Scott Erickson, he's not Erick's son!!! Ha-ha-ha. Do they want to make fun of all the people's last names that reflected the job of the person, like Clark (clerk in England) or Doctor?

Maybe they could make the new park an alphabet soup too. Since it could be called Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T, how about concatenating that into PSA? PSA Park - has a certain ring to it, mainly deadly because PSA is a defunct airline. It was mentioned in the article about the various moves to change the name to Mays Field but I knew that wasn't going to fly, this pursuit was only windmill charging a la Don Quixote, this company paid a lot of money to get naming rights and if they want to name it "Flying Squirrel and Moose-a-rama Ballyard", that's fine with me because it meant that the Giants stay in San Francisco instead of heading to Tampa Bay.

Here's an idea: perhaps we should just name it Mays AT&T The Ballpark, maybe that will satisfy all the constituents and stakeholders.


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