Rats, he made it in!

A.J. Pierzynski has probably gotten the most ink that any .167 hitter in the history of the playoffs. And damn if his team didn't make it to the World Series; I thought they were dead in the water when their winning stalled late in the season and especially with their regular closer, Dustin Hermanson, on the near-DL needing back treatments.

Most teams that falter like that after running away with the division often end up screwing up somewhere and not making it to the big show, losing to the hot team that steamed into the playoffs. I guess the difference this year was that Boston was not steaming into the playoffs as the wildcard - only Cleveland could have taken that banner but they faltered at the end and just came up short. Got to give the ChiSox the tip of the hat for the accomplishment of making it to the World Series.

Now I hope they lose terribly, horribly, in a four game sweep to the NL Champs, right now looking like the Astros, who are 3-1 in their Best of Seven series with the Cardinals. I can not stand to see him on center stage gloating about his team and winning everything. He and players of his ilk make me sick. Hopefully the Black Sox will come back to haunt them in some way.

I wish for him to feel nothing less than what he gave Nick Conte when Nick asked him how he felt after a foul ball hit him in a sensitive zone of the male anatomy, which is the same as what he gave the Giants and their fans when he was not reasonable in his demands for a multi-year contract and forced the Giants to release him for no compensation. A confidence killing sweep would do that nicely.

His no-compensation release set our team back at least one year by losing a left-handed pressence in the lineup, which is what we needed for 2005 and am looking for in 2006. Plus there is the little matter of losing Nathan, Bonser, and Liriano for him in the first place, which set our team back even further. Any player who makes it harder for the Giants to win earns this Giants fan's enmity; any player doing it to his level earns this fan's eternal enmity. Fanatical Giants fans will put his voodoo doll high on the mantle, right next to their Jeff Kent doll, and take extra pleasure with each of their failures (I guess Kent didn't like the direction the Astros were taking either!).


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