I don't like the sound of that

My lunchtime meal was not good.

The Chronicle reported today that Eyre has not been contacted yet by the Giants about a new long term contract. Eyre is eligible to file for free agency 15 days after the World Series.
"The way it was left with Scott, he was going to decompress and either he or his agent was going to reach out to us," as Sabean was quoted in the Chronicle.

I don't like the sound of that. If signing with the Giants was a priority with Eyre, then Sabean would already have a meeting set up with Eyre and his agent. Instead, it is the old, "Don't call me, we'll call you."

I was hopeful that Eyre would be different because he was pretty open about wanting to return, how much he enjoyed working here, how much he enjoyed being used a lot as a reliever, how much he enjoyed working with Felipe. But now I'm beginning to wonder if he is another David Bell ("Giants fans don't need to worry" said he when he did not pick up his player's option and got out of his Giants contract).

I hope I am wrong because we need a rubber armed guy like him plus even before this breakout year, he was a valuable member of the relief corp. More importantly, we need some vet stability in the bullpen. Benitez and Hawkins are nice but there are still question marks on them and then the rest of the bullpen is either very inexperienced or over experienced, which has its own question mark on the level of performance you can expect out of them.

But perhaps his buds have been pumping him up with "yeah, you can be a closer, you can make the big bucks." Or worse, his agent ("I can get you the big bucks"). And being 33 years old, this could be his first and only chance to become a free agent and have the performance to get the big bucks. The lure has got to be pretty strong. I will keep my fingers crossed.


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