After The Mourning...

No matter how good or bad the Giants play during the season, I go through a period of mourning where I don't give a darn (he's the shortstop) about baseball in general.

I'm starting to come out of the fog so I thought I would take some time during lunch to comment on the playoffs. The playoffs so far has gone about as well as any die-hard Giants and baseball fan would want. ChiSox beat BoSox (Boston got their's last season and Chicago been on the outs for a long time); Angels beat Yankees (Can't buy me luuuuv! or pennants...); Cards beat Padres (sorry, no love lost for divisional opponents, even in playoffs); and Astros beats Braves (they will pay for 1993 until I am happy :^). Vendetta? Yes. But it makes it easier to figure out who to root for and who not to root for. :^)

But now I'm a little conflicted in the LCS. I don't like the Angels, for obvious reasons, but I don't like the ChiSox, for A.J. reasons. So perhaps I should have rooted for Boston. However, I can root for the Astros now that "Truck Wash" Kent moved on to the Dodgers as I am still not happy about the Cardinals robbing us in the Jack Clark trade (Jose Gonzalez, er, Uribe or no Uuuuu-riiiii-bay!) and for 1987 plus for things before my fanaticism, i.e. robbing us in the Orlando Cepeda trade and for beating us out generally in the mid-60's, making us 2nd or worse a number of times.

So my rooting interests right now is for the Angels (A.J. really, really screwed us up with that trade and for that I will never forgive him for being such an ass) to meet the Astros in the World Series and for the Astros to sweep the Angels and for the Angels to play really, really badly, like stinkingly bad.


Anonymous Lyle said...

Your assessment of our rooting interests was spot on. The Joe Nathan trade wasn't AJ's fault; his skills didn't translate to the NL and he never fit in in SF. Although he does seem like a cocky jerk.
I think the Houston Astros over the Encino Angels of Riverside in 4 games would be great.
I dislike the Cardinals as well, but you were too harsh on that Jack Clark trade. Not only did we get slicking-fielding SS Jose Uribe, we also got slugging 1B David Green, who contributed a whopping 5 HR's in 1985. So it wasn't a one-sided trade or anything...

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