The Fat Friar Has Sung

But we all kind of knew it would happen yesterday, didn't we, just deep down? As Grant aptly put it in his McCovey Chronicles: I didn't not believe. But we just didn't believe either. And that's OK. Hopefully Schmidt didn't aggravate anything, hopefully he can just rest all off-season and get himself into shape for next season, we need the old Schmidt back; hopefully Bonds didn't aggravate anything either and be ready for next season as well.

What a season: disappointing, maddening, frustrating, and yet we did get a little of that pennant fever in the past few weeks, after Bonds gave the team a little giddyup, only it was too late, ultimately too little, though he did hit .286 with 5 homers and 10 RBI in 14 games; not too shabby for someone with one healthy knee and no true "baseball" conditioning, whatever and however long that entails.

I assume all the question marks will play the rest of the way, Linden, Alfonzo, Chavez, Niekro, Ellison, Ramirez, Haad, but we have no one to play 2B so I don't know what the Giants will do, play Alfonzo there maybe and still play Feliz? Would seem a shame to rest everyone else and not rest Durham too.

But I digress and I'm tired. Go Giants, hopefully we can go out on a good note with some victories, we're still fighting Arizona for 2nd place in the NL West and whatever incremental share of the pot we get for that.


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