At least the Padres lost; the damn number is now 4

Wow, that's pretty bad, getting shut out by the Rockies in Mile High. Luckily the 'Dres lost so we didn't lose a game in the standings, just another game that we could have gained a game and get closer. Bad game all around, nothing much to say about it.

Now we will probably not see Bonds playing tomorrow either so it will be that much harder to win tomorrow as well; the Giants always seem to have problems winning there.

Speaking of Bonds, some local columnists (and yew know who yew are), are against lambasting Bonds for not playing the game against Washington, with one stating something like, "all you're doing is standing around for 3 hours and take a few swings." One, if it was so easy to do, then you would see more 40 year olds play in the MLB. Two, Bonds just got over a limb threatening disease and never got an opportunity to build up his stamina and conditioning much, so if any of these columnists have ever gone through something like that and can state that they were hale and hearty and able to "just" play a game, then they can complain that Bonds was a shirker.

Third and most incredibly, now we know what they really think of the greats of baseball. Shirkers of the first order by their reckoning! Hank Aaron, started playing less games when he was 37 and even when he was mainly the DH in his last two seasons, did not play a full slate of games; I guess they thought he was dogging it because, after all, all he was doing was sitting on the bench and taking a few swings every game. Ted Williams last played a full slate of games when he was 32 years old. He played in about 100-110 games in his last two seasons. They must think he was losing his head, him being only 40 years old and not playing a full slate of games; why all he was doing was standing in the field for 3 hours and taking a few swings. And it wasn't like he wasn't playing well when he did play, he had 29 homers in 310 AB, hitting .316/.451/.645/1.096, pretty good for any age, so the team wasn't not playing him because of performance problems, which could have been one reason Aaron didn't play a full slate (but really, Hammering Hank, lousy record, not getting into playoffs, last in the division, what else did they have to attract a paying crowd?).

Glad to know what these columnists really feel about the greats of baseball, these columnists must really be something special to put down the greats because they were old and not playing all the games in the season. I'm losing a lot of respect for columnists I used to have a lot of respect for...


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