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Alou up, Bonds having just taken a four pitch walk, essentially four wide ones, putting runners at first and second, top of the ninth, two outs. I rarely think about a homerun in situations like this, at least not seriously, usually just a fleeting moment and then it is gone, like an ephemeral dream, as reality returns and the announcer announces what really happens (like a strikeout or a popup or a dribbler to the pitcher).

But like a dream, this time the ball just rises and BOOM - 3 run homer!!! Giants lead 4-2!!! I am fist-pumping like mad as the drivers next to me wonder what the hell happened.

Sorry, I just had to relive that moment again (and give a plug for TiVo: my family can't live without it; no stock, just love the gadget). This season has not had many grand moments like that, there were many more "oh that gotta hurt, another 1 run loss, fall another game back" type of games this season. I still got a buzz going.

And it was made a bit sweeter by Bonds making that Yahoo columnist look like a buffoon. The "true" baseball fans in Washington D.C. sure showed Bonds, didn't they, booing him and giving him the asterisk, like their neighboring fans booed Palmeiro. But then he homers deep, the crowd erupts with cheers for him. Ooops, not so true baseball fans here either, it is not just the SF fans who cheer for Bonds, who are blind (according to this columnist).

And the cherry on top was that it happened to Livan, pitching a beautiful game up to that point, sticking it to the Giants and the Giants fans after we ran him out of town, by finally harnessing the potential that was so evident before but that he couldn't or wouldn't do until he was a few months away from becoming a free agent and he finally realizes that if he doesn't get his fat butt pitching well, he was going to get nada from any team. In that moment, it brought back the Livan who failed us miserably in that final game of the 2002 World Series, when Dusty could pull Ortiz while he was doing great but would not pull out Livan when he obviously didn't have anything that day. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Whew, now that we return back to 5 games back, the Giants playoff chances are still on life support, but the pulse is a little bit steadier, though still very weak, though still considered terminal. If they can keep it up at D.C. and Mile High, and get another game or two off the lead, they could head into SD with the possibility of taking the pennant out of the 'Dres unsteady grasp by sweeping the four game series in Petco.

But what are the odds of that with Schmidt possibly out for the season? Nothing official, mind you, but do you really think he's going to be able to go out there and pitch another game? I have to admire the guts to go out there and not be able to throw 90 MPH and still shut down the other team enough so that the team could win, but why didn't he just skip another start and wait for the next one? Admittedly, that win is the difference right now between miniscule hope and almost no hope (which is where they would be at 6 games back and only 12 games left and 4 against SD), but still, this could have ramifications into 2006 if he injures himself bad enough to need surgery or something.

Gotta give it up to Linden too for that great catch, that was the game right there if he didn't make that catch.

Go Giants!!! Pray that Hennessey can do his "good cop" routine this time and not his "bad cop" one, he has been so inconsistent all season, and we will need him at his best since the Giants are facing John Patterson, who has been outstanding this year at home. Imagine, though, if he can just harness himself and his slider consistently, we could have an awesome foursome in 2006, with Schmidt and Cain the two fire-ballers, Lowry the changeup artist, and Hennessey the slider specialist. Alternate them in the rotation and opposing teams will go loopy adjusting back and forth between them. But this is this season, this is reality, and we don't know which Hennessey will show up...

And the ball flies over the fence for a 3-run homer for Alou!!! Boo-yah!


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