Bonds' Time is Here, Best Time of Year

Well, it's that time of year, now that Labor Day has passed, for Christmas to come to your neighborhood stores - there were gaudy Christmas displays for sale today at my local Costco - and Christmas comes a little early to Giants fans as Barry Bonds returned to the Giants lineup. And made a big statement in his first AB, by doubling almost off the top of the wall (fan interference) in his first AB, after an 11 pitch battle. A couple of feet higher and he would have had a homerun.

Being 7 games back, the Giants are now in a must sweep the Padres situation or pretty much kiss any chances of winning the division goodbye. I know that some fans don't care but I still care as the higher the Giants finish, the more money they will get and obviously if they are in the playoffs, they would get even more money. Every little bit counts as long as the Giants have Barry Lamar Bonds on their payroll.

However, with Schmidt's groin strained, the Giants playoff chances are pretty strained, and Correia was throwing BP today, letting 5 of the first 6 batters get on base, with his only out a sac fly and 3 runs. Luckily Kinney came in and kept the 'Dres from scoring another run.

Luckily also that Tomko is starting to pitch the way we were hoping he would at the BEGINNING of the season, not the END. He claims to have figured out something that helped him in his last bullpen session before doing well again; he says that he will write it down so that he won't forget it. Write it down?!?!? He should have it fricking tattooed to his right hand so he can read it every time he throws a pitch, how old is he?

Every year, it's another excuse, another discovery. Two years ago with St. Louis, he learned something from his old coach at Toronto (to me basically, pitch when your team scores a lot, as that was the only reason he had a good second half record that year). Last year, he spoke to a sport psychologist who helped him out (but really, he had only that good month, the other two months he was ordinary, as I noted in one off-season article, so it didn't look good for this year, unfortunately true). Now this year, he "found" a mechanical flaw that he now will write down. How about looking at Cain and learn something from him, Tomko!

Go Giants!


Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Plus this news out: both Moises Alou and JT Snow will be out for a while; Alou would have been DLed except that there is no need right now since rosters are expanded. That obviously won't help either.

However, it helps in one way now in that Feliz can play 1B while Alfonzo play 3B, now that Bonds is taking Feliz's spot in the outfield. Plus there's Moises' empty outfield spot in RF, though I assume that Linden and Ortmeier will get some time in RF during the rest of the season to show what they are made of.

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