Well it ain't no fairy tale, its baseball

You win some, you lose some, you lose some horrific games to your hated rivals in their last at-bats. Worse yet, you get to see Jeff Cent smile upon shoving it to the Giants. We coulda, shoulda been just 4 games out but now we are 6 games back and its looking bad again.

That's life on the edge, its time for the Giants to either put up or shut up. Given Lowry's poor start tonight and Schmidt's pulled groin, it seems like shut up but we'll see. We still have a lot of games against the Padres and they haven't been setting the world on fire either. And as I noted in a previous post, somebody will have to win those games the two teams play, no matter how poorly either club plays.

And Bonds on the edge to joining the team should give the team and especially the offense a big boost. Even if he just takes 4 wide ones 3 times a game. I think the Giants should initially play Bonds for 3 ABs a game or 4 if he gets it by the 6th inning, then either pinch run for him if he's on base, or replace him defensively the next inning. That way, he is eased into play, he gets most of the ABs he's going to get in the game, but he will skip defensive work for about a third of the game. Then leave it in his hands after a few games, if he's OK, he stays in, if he's getting a little tired, pinch-run/defensive replace him. Too bad he couldn't have joined in August when we had all that great pitching, we could have had a monster month and caught up with the Padres already, instead of still trailing by so much.


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