SF Board of Supervisors Commend Felipe Alou stance against racist comments

Somebody working for the San Francisco Board of Supes e-mailed me the following so I thought I would post it:


Chris Daly, Gerardo Sandoval
Page 2

j:\daly\legislation\resolutions\alou reso.doc
[Commending Giants Manager Felipe Alou's Stance Against Racist Comments]

Resolution commending San Francisco Giants Manager Felipe Alou for his stance against racist comments of Larry Krueger on KNBR and advocacy for Latino players and the Latino community.

WHEREAS, Felipe Alou has spent close to 50 years playing and managing in Major League Baseball; and,

WHEREAS, Felipe Alou emigrated from his Caribbean country, the Dominican Republic in 1955 to join the San Francisco Giants system; and,

WHEREAS, In his early years of playing baseball in the minor leagues and with the Giants, Felipe Alou had to endure overt forms of discrimination and racism from fans and management alike; and,

WHEREAS, Despite this treatment Alou had several break out years, leading the league several hitting categories and becoming an All Star in 1962, 1966 and 1969; and,

WHEREAS, Felipe Alou has built on his successful playing career with over a decade of managing in the Major Leagues, making Manager of the Year in 1994, and showing great wisdom, dignity and perseverance that is admired throughout the United States and Latin America; and,

WHEREAS, The recent comments about the San Francisco Giants Caribbean ball players by KNBR talk show host Larry Krueger have been condemned far and wide as racial and ethnic slurs; and,

WHEREAS, Felipe Alou has used his power and notoriety to refuse Krueger's apology as insufficient to reverse the damage that his comments have created; and,

WHEREAS, Alou has used his office to denounce these comments at the local and national level and to raise the awareness of people across the country about the experience of Latino baseball players as well as all immigrant players and players of color; and,

WHEREAS, Such courageous outspokenness and use of position is vital to advancing the dignity of the Latino community and all communities that must endure racism and discrimination; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That San Francisco Board of Supervisors commends San Francisco Giants Manager Felipe Alou for his endurance as a player, his outspokenness as a manager and his stance on behalf of Latino, Caribbean-born San Francisco Giants and the Latino community they honor with their play.

John Avalos
Legislative Aide to Supervisor Chris Daly
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102
415-554-7970 phone
415-554-7974 fax
415-5227 TDD/TTY


Anonymous bacci40 said...

whereas our board of supes cant even do the simplest of tasks, it is no wonder that they would be on the wrong side of this issue, and would even be wasting their time with it.

guess they just read you blog, and didnt even listen to the broadcast

im going to post mr avalos resolution and number on the giants.com site

hope he has alot of staff ready to take calls

Wed Aug 17, 02:01:00 AM PDT  

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