Giants maybe getting desperate for fans

Been meaning to post this for over a week, but been occupied with the debate on racism; so here goes...

For many years, the Giants have advertised in the Chronicle a full page ad displaying info on the game of the day plus various interesting interviews. We South Bayers never got to see any of those as the Giants never deigned to advertise in the SJ Merc.

However, just a week or two ago, the Giants started doing the same advertising page in the Merc, a possible sign that they might be either having problems getting fans to show up for games or to re-up for their season ticket renewals. Or it could be a final marketing push to generate interest in the fading team in light of the need to get their largest block of potential renewals - from the 7 year charter season ticket holders - to re-up.

Either way, it is a sign from the Giants that it is not going to be a slamdunk for them to renew interest in the team and that they are trying to go all out to get people to come to the park in the years to come via renewals of season tickets or purchase of new season tickets.

There is another sign as well. The Giants used to have a Giants Dugout at the Valley Fair shopping mall which I enjoyed going to but when the mall remodeled, the location was taken over by a landbridge and the Giants thought enough of us South Bay fans to just shut the location and not re-open. However, they had second thoughts about it so they recently opened up a new store back at Valley Fair.


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