Steve Shelby's Future Forty Update for July (late by one day)

Steve Shelby has come up with his latest rendition of his Future Forty of Giants prospects and I am happy and honored to present it here at my blog. Here it is:

1. RHP Matt Cain
2. RHP Merkin Valdez
3. LF Eddy Martinez-Esteve
4. RF Todd Linden
5. CF Fred Lewis
6. RF Nate Schierholtz
7. SS Marcus Sanders
8. RHP Craig Whitaker
9. RF Dan Ortmeier
10. RHP Jeremy Accardo
11. 1B Travis Ishikawa
12. RHP Alfredo Simon
13. RHP Scott Munter
14. LHP Pat Misch
15. C Justin Knoedler
16. 2B Kevin Frandsen
17. CF Clay Timpner
18. LF Jon Bowker
19. LHP Jack Taschner
20. RHP Brian Wilson
21. CF Ben Copeland
22. LHP Jonathan Sanchez
23. RHP Billy Sadler
24. LHP Brian Burres
25. LHP Jesus Reina
26. RHP Justin Hedrick
27. RHP Daniel Griffin
28. 3B Brian Buscher
29. 3B Todd Jennings
30. LF Adam Shabala
31. RHP Garrett Broshuis
32. LHP Erick Threets
33. CF Joey Dyche
34. RHP Chris Begg
35. LF Tony Torcato
36. SS Angel Chavez
37. RHP Joe Bateman
38. 2B Brian Dallimore

EDIT 8/16: Changed last two from Nick Pereira and Jesse Floyd to these two
39. RF Mike Mooney
40. 3B Pablo Sandoval

Go Giants!


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