The end is nigh, sigh...

At least it seems like the apocalyspe is near when a vet like Rueter is openly complaining about his lack of pitching and his request for a trade if he isn't going to be used as a starter.

Et tu Rueter? Alas poor Rueter, are ye like all der rest of da ballplayers, oblivious to the obvious, which is: you stink! And stink badly this season! And for nearly $7M!

Isn't the equation pretty obvious? You pitch well, or well enough, you play. You stink, or stink mostly, you sit. If we are trying to win - and the Giants management is still leaning that way - you need to go with the pitcher who seems to be doing it best and consistently. Neither Rueter, Hennessey or Correia have been doing their best consistently, it has been a lot of ups and downs, so none of them has earned a spot in the rotation.

Teams that are falling apart have players complaining about playing time, in particular veterans doing the complaining because the youngsters haven't been doing it, at least to the vets satisfaction. Unfortunately, these same vets don't usually look deeply into the mirror to see that they haven't been exactly setting the world on fire either, and in fact, might be freezing the world by not doing well.

Given how poorly Rueter has pitched, I wouldn't mind trading him to another team and accomodating his feelings. But the sad fact is that he is not performing very well so to trade him to another team, the Giants would basically have to cover his salary minus the minimum salary in exchange for a low-level prospect. That is not worth it, may as well keep him around in hopes that he finally figures it out or just to take the long relief role.

I still think the Giants have some chance but it is dwindling daily and hasn't looked good since April. The Giants need someone to step it up and start performing great and carry the team. I was hoping that Linden would be that turning point, but unfortunately, he has not been able to translate his MILB success into MLB success. Or if the young pitchers could suddenly start pitching well, that would boost the Giants as well.

Instead, we get Rueter grousing publicly and players getting injured and/or going on the DL again...


Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

5 runs in the 5th inning after 2 outs were recorded? Walk the pitcher to load the bases? THAT'S why Rueter is bouncing back and forth from the rotation to the bullpen and back.

I appreciate all the great pitching Rueter has done for the Giants in his career, but it's been about two years since he has regularly pitched well consistently.

I also think it is laughable that he asked to be traded if he cannot start here because I would bet that there is zero demand for his services right now, even if the Giants paid for his salary for the season, as I don't see anyone even wanting to give up a prospect to get Rueter.

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