What a difference a day makes... NONE!

I am still underwhelmed by the deal but perhaps I'm on a jag after two whuppings at the hands of the Brewers.

Winn is a nice addition but unless he, as someone on McCovey Chronicles noted, hits like Payton has for the A's, he is not going to be a difference maker, not like the blockbuster trades that Sabean had engineered early in his career or that Al Rosen was great at doing. And the Giants need a difference maker right now to make a difference. If the 'Dres weren't in a steep dive right now, and the D-backs and D-gers weren't treading water, we would be crushed right now instead of having a pulse.

But unlike what others I've been reading have been saying, I think if you are close enough, you go for it and get into the playoffs. You never know who catches on fire and carries the team to the title. Even if it is 3 and out, the division winner, no matter how lousy their record is, get a bigger share of revenues than if they came in 2nd or 3rd, and that might help the team get another player (yes, cheapo vet player but better than getting squat!).


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