Giants News From 9/19 Merc and Bonds is not real

Forgot to note that the San Jose Mercury had a little interview with Magowan where he revealed some tidbits about the 2006 season. First, they said that he reiterated that the payroll will be around the same as this year's, which was $85M. That is actually a slight backtrack from a prior statement where he said that the Giants might raise the budget for 2006 so that they could acquire a free agent, since the budget is already pretty tight as it is.

Second, he said that Randy Winn will return because they want him back, they are sure he wants to come back, and somehow that will work itself out. From what I remember, he has a mutual option contract, Giants can pick up their option for $5M or, declining it, he could pick up his option for a $3M. I would expect that they will work out some sort of longer term contract, probably about 3 years at anywhere from $3-4M per year, backloaded, naturally.

Bonds is not Real

Washington's home park is one of the hardest parks to hit a home run at and he has made it his own personal Mile High Stadium, blasting homers in his first two games there. The one last night was the eventual winning runs as Dr. Hennessey showed up today and pitched a beauty, retiring something like 14-15 batters in a row in the middle innings; hopefully the Doctor is in and Mr. Hennessey is out on vacation. He went 7.2 IP, with only 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 R/ER, with 4 strikeouts - almost seems like it should be Cain's line, not Hennessey.

So that makes four straight games that Bonds has homered in. And the Giants now have a five game winning streak, which will be tested on Thursday as it is a day game following a night game, so Bonds will not be in the starting lineup, and Washington is throwing out their version of Matt Cain, Hector Carrasco, only Hector is 35 years old and been around the block quite a few times already and probably have gloves older than Cain. But he has a 2.01 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, .197 BAA, only 49 hits in 71.2 IP, so that is a line that Cain could possibly have.

And the Giants will send out sad-sack Brett Tomko, who has pitched well of late but the Giants bullpen has failed him numerous times, costing him some victories that appeared to be in the bag. He has had a much lower ERA post-ASG, 3.73 but his WHIP is virtually the same (1.37 vs. 1.40 in pre-ASG) and so is his BAA (.271 vs. .277 in pre-ASG). And like last year, he is having a great month, this year in September, 2.18 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, .187 BAA; however, in August, he was 4.70 ERA, 1.78 WHIP, and .327 BAA (ouch!). I guess he's this year's Ponson, getting the lineup without Bonds in Thursday's start. Then again, Bonds could PH and hit one out...

Oh, while the Giants won, the 'Dres also won, keeping us back 5 games.


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