Time for the Giants to use their "Maddux" money

As I had noted in my long ago article on sfdugout.com, the Giants had around $6-7M extra that they were willing to spend on Maddux for the 2004 season (I have to assume they were planning on covering the salary with the loss of free agents in the 2004 off-season going forward). It is time now to take the little hammer on the box and break the glass and pull out the $6-7M and spend it on this emergency.

At this point, I don't freaking care what they get, the starting pitcher they want, the lefty power-hitting 1B, just as long as they get good value for the money, like a Kevin Millwood or even a Paul Konerko. It's time. This could be Bonds last great season.

Well, maybe, maybe not, but to think he's going to put together two great seasons at his age is ludicrous (he may do it, yes, but to think that he will is another matter). However, even with small samples, he comes in on one and a half legs, out of baseball shape, hasn't played a regular game in almost a year, hasn't seen real game conditions pitching in almost a year, and he comes in and smacks 5 homers in 14 games; unreal! So it looks good for 2006 for Bonds, if he is healthy.

It's like poker. You got your first few cards, your hand looks promising, so you push more money into the pot. Bonds has always been in good shape and healthy for most of his career. It took a killer bacteria that almost took his leg off to make him sit down for most of the season. He is presumably healthy now and back on his exercise routine. And he whacked the hell out of the ball when he came in with all the reasons in the world not to do anything and he played very good, despite his bum leg. You have to play the hand like he's going to be there 120-140 games and will whack the ball senseless again.

And try to raise a little more money. Sell off another 5% of the team and that will net you $20M or so. That will buy a lot of pitching and hitting. Do like the D-backs. They almost went bankrupt but then a new team of investors came in, infused it with cash and suddenly they are paying $10M/year to free agents left and right.

2003 and 2004 are gone; with an extra $6-7M spent either season, perhaps the Giants would have made it back to the World Series, took advantage of the Bonds hitting presence and cashed it in, instead of hoarding that money and blowing another two great seasons of Barry Bonds.

Don't risk wasting another great season by Barry Bonds. You owners owe it to him, you owe it to the fans, you owe it to yourself, you wouldn't have bought the Giants if you weren't a huge fan, aren't you tired of wasting great seasons by Bonds? Don't you want to see him lead the charge again and win the World Series? Don't you want a ticker tape parade down Market Street welcoming home the world champs?

D-O I-T N-O-W!!! Time is running out.


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