Giants target 20 free agents and 4-6 teams for trades

SJ Mercury reported Saturday that Sabean said that the Giants have trimmed the list of 166 FA to about 20 pitchers and position players they will consider pursuing. The article also reinforced what we all know: the Giants top priority is finding a starter for the rotation, one who would make the rotation stronger, sez Sabean. He also noted that the Giants have identified 4-6 potential trade partners. These he will all pursue during the GM meetings starting Monday, though he "don't see that either route is going to be a surefire way of what we need to do."

The Merc mentioned Jeromy Burnitz, Brian Giles, Jacque Jones, Travis Lee, and Daryle Ward as hitters, names we all have noted before. A new one who just FA: Frank Thomas. Also, I've been toying with the idea of trying out Nomar Garciaparra at 1B.

The Merc IDed Burnett, Millwood, Morris and Washburn as out of reach. If the Giants can dip into their "Maddux" money, I think they could approach all of them except for Burnett. Other pitchers include Shawn Estes, Tony Armas Jr., Esteban Loaiza, Byung-Hyun Kim, Brian Moehler, Jamey Wright, Kenny Rogers, Kevin Brown, Joe Mays, Paul Byrd, Jose Lima, Jason Johnson, Scott Elarton (culled from list of 155 FA as of Thurs; not sure who declared on Friday or today).


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