Ned Colletti interviewing for Dodger GM job

The Giants website announced that the Dodgers asked for permission to speak with Ned Colletti for their open GM position. Besides it being the Dodger's job, losing Colletti would break up the group that has put together this team over the past 9 seasons and would disrupt the job he is doing for us right now, which is negotiating with all the agents and coming to terms with the players on the team, all the young players.

However, out of the trio of Sabean, Colletti, and Tidrow, I would want him the least if push came to shove. Tidrow heads up our player development and stuff and of course Sabean is our GM. Maybe we can trade them Colletti for Hee-Seop Choi. I could go for that, as Choi is a left-handed power-hitting 1B. He could platoon with Niekro.

So I'm hoping the Dodgers pick Colletti if it allows us to get a player in return from them. We could grab Choi then.


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