Ellison's amazing start

The Giants have won 4 in a row and Ellison has been a big part of that. In his 5 game hitting streak, he was 10 for 15 with a double and 2 triples, 8 runs scored and 2 stolen bases. Nothing to get too excited about yet, both hot streaks are most probably temporary. But they both are certainly nice and better than the alternative. Go Giants!

FYI: the Giants send down Scott Munter, whom they had called up but not used after sending Jerome Williams down (he did horrible in his first start in AAA, 4.1 IP, 9 H, 6 R, 5 ER, 4 BB, 2 K, 0 HR so I guess he'll be staying down longer to find his stuff) and brought up Brad Hennessey to start the game on Sunday (today). Since there are not that many days off ahead, he might get bounced back down after the game and see another reliver brought up (since Munter has to stay down at least 10 days after getting sent down), perhaps Kevin Correia or one of the major league relief retreads populating the Grizzlies roster.


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