Giants cut Mohr, Ransom, Franklin, offer arb to Feliz and Torrealba

Holy freaking hell! Not only do the Giants not start Mohr in the outfield, but they cut him!!! The other two I saw coming but not Mohr, who played pretty well for us last season. I wish him well unless he ends up with an NL West club.

I guess the Giants are pretty close to obtaining an upgrade in the outfield or they really think Ellison or Linden are ready to play on the bench for us. But really, they couldn't have traded him to somebody? The Braves included someone like him in the trade for Hudson. We couldn't have gotten a good prospect or two for the pair of Pierzynski and Mohr?!?

I'm waiting for the big picture of all this. I thought I saw it - going strong defense to support a young pitching staff - but this move doesn't make sense to me. I wonder what the plans are...


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