Christiansen's here, best time of year?

Trying to stay in the season's spirits, but, no ho ho, it's not the best time of year, not for a Giants fan, not quite yet. While there have been some noteworthy additions to the team - Vizquel, Benitez, Matheny - and resignings - Grissom, Snow, Cruz, Tomko - and now Christiansen, there has not been the big addition that many Giants fans, dubbed the Lunatic Fringe by Sabean, have clamored for: the big bat to bat behind Barry.

While they at least tried hard to get one in Steve Finley, who would have been a nice addition, he was not really what most Giants fans wanted in their black and orange stockings, because he's 40 years old himself and due for a big fall just like Bonds. It would be like Russian Roulette which one would go bad first (my bets on Finley and he would have been signed for more years than Barry). So I'm glad that the Angel's outbid us for him plus his heart wouldn't have been in it anyway, he really wanted to live near home, which is just south of LA/Anaheim. Hopefully they will get their comeuppence for beating us in 2002 like that.

No, we want young blood here in SF and the outfield and a trade appear to be the way to go right now. There are not many great choices out there in the free agent market, mainly for health reasons. JD Drew and Magglio Ordonez have huge question marks on them, though apparently one season's worth of performance was all Adrian Beltre needed to get a $64M contract. And Benson got $21M for not even one good year's performance. JD Drew finally had one injury free year, co-inky-dink his free agent year. So you wonder if he'll be continually injured once you get him. And Magglio isn't allowing any physicals, NOT a good sign that he is recovered, else I would be line for signing him.

So we need to trade for this young gun. But who? I've suggested Andruw Jones or Eric Brynes but I'm game for any young player as long as we are not giving up Williams, Lowry, Cain, or Whitaker. Just package up a bunch of young'uns, enough to get a deal, or throw in some of our bench players, like Mohr or Feliz. That's what I want under my Christmas tree this year....


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