Day 3 of the winter meetings

The A'ss are rumored to give Hudson away to LA for two prospects, Edwin Jackson and Antonio Perez. True, two prospects who probably don't have much more to learn at AAA, but still unproven talent. For Hudson!

That's going to suck so hopefully its false, else LA's rotation will be strong with Hudson on board plus would probably have the inside edge to signing Hudson long-term (assuming Boras isn't his agent; the one time I WANT a player to have him as an agent). He would then be teamed up Ishii, Penny, and Weaver, that would be some rotation assuming Penny is healthy. Luckily most reports tonight seem to indicate that the A's are still shopping him around; good, at least suck up another good player from the Dodgers for Hudson, maybe Yhency Brazoban or Duaner Sanchez, at least SOMEBODY who has done SOMETHING good in the MLB.

I was looking through the CF list and noticed that the A's have two of them, Kotsay and Eric Byrnes and I thought, wouldn't it be great to get Byrnes? He was a huge Giants fan growing up so I have to assume he would be pleased to join the team. He is up for arbitration so he should get bigger money for the great two seasons he has had. I don't know how hard up the A's are for money but if they are looking at getting rid of Hudson, they must be doing pretty badly and might need to trade Byrnes, who should get something in the $1.5-2.5M range.

Perhaps the A's give him up for Dustan Mohr, a moneyball type player with high OBP last season? Plus some pitching prospects, of course. That would save them some money as Mohr should not get as much as Bryne in arbitration. I don't know what else the A's need though that we could give, so this is a pipe dream, but a nice dream. All we got is Feliz really that they might be interested in, I doubt they want Ransom or any other position prospect that we have. Say, if they are willing to take Jackson and Perez, maybe they can go for Hennessey or Correia?

Reports indicate the Giants are running into $ problems with Christiansen and Pierzynski. Apparently A.J.'s agent submitted a multi-year multi-$$$ proposal on Tuesday that promptly got the Giants thinking about signing Mike Methany. But he's looking for something similar to Damian Miller's contract, 3 years at $8.75M. At that price, please continue negotiating with A.J.! At least they realize that Torrealba is not the way to go, they were quoted as noting how poorly Yorvit did in winter league.

Also, rumors have the Giants talking with Mike Myers and Kent Mercker. If we can do something with Mercker, I hope the door doesn't hit Christiansen's butt too hard. Mercker has been pretty good. However, according to one report, Sabean said that signing one of those guys does not preclude signing Christiansen as "it would be pretty good having three lefties out of the pen" or something like that.

The CF talks still seem to center on Podsednik and Roberts, with Williams and the Lowry being mentioned as the desired player but the Giants were adamant in their quote that they NOT break up their rotation, a potentially great rotation, without a plan B. Say, I would give up Lowry and Hennessey for Hudson but then we wouldn't be able to give them any young 2B, just two old ones in Alfonzo and Durham. I wonder if the A's would take one of them if the Giants supplied them the extra money a la Kendall, to make the deal good for the A's budget?


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