Day 2 of the Winter Meetings

If that isn't a sign that the discussions with Pierzynski isn't going well: there are a couple of reports that they are looking into Mike Metheny. I guess that's a sign that the A.J. era is over but not necessarily Yorvit time either. Hopefully there is a team needing a catcher and 3B or OF who has a good young outfielder to trade to us.

Thus far, talks are the Giants are looking at Podsednik and Dave Roberts. BLEH! Nothing against them, but I don't see them as being significant improvements over what we have, they would be complements. I would rather give Mohr more playing time and see how he does before doing those trades, especially with the Brewers asking for Jerome Williams for the Pod-man.

Sabean says that there are 4 trade discussions that they have had, both young and old OF, but all ask for the same young pitcher (presumably Williams since he was the one named in the Brewers deal but a couple of reporters named Noah Lowry). He says that he won't trade this pitcher but will try to progress the talks further, he apparently believes that there is still some hope of getting one of these deals done.

I still think that unless we are getting a potential star type player, we should not be dealing, just let Mohr take over CF and see how it goes early on. If he falters, then the Giants could try to acquire someone mid-season, but there would still be Grissom and Tucker around to stem the drop.

Also, apparently Sabean and co. have discussed having Feliz play RF (ugh!). There must be some way of packaging him and A.J. to get a good OF somewhere.


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