A's trade Hudson, more to come: Bryne come home?

Fortunately, the A's dealt him to the Braves (NOT the D-gers! :^) and, as much as people berate the trade, I think they came away from the deal good (though obviously not as good as the Braves). They got three players, one full of potential unmet until last year (Cruz; I was looking at him before the Braves got him), and two minor leaguers who did well in a call-up last season and killed in the minors. Juan Cruz fills their bullpen need and Charles Thomas is a potential starter in LF for them. Dan Meyer will compete to take over the now empty rotation spot, with whatever other wunderkinds Billy Beane has in his bag.

This creates a big of an excess in the outfield now, with Thomas pegged for LF, Kotsay in CF, Swisher in RF, and Brynes and Kielty as backups, who both could start for others. Beane also noted in the press conference that he will have more to come. How about the A's trade Byrne to SF?

I don't know what it would take to pry him out of the A's hands, but he would be a good addition to the Giants outfield. The only problem would be that he is not a great CF defensively. But he would be a big offensive improvement over Tucker (assuming Grissom moves to RF) and, just as importantly, a starter under 30. Plus he has some speed on the basepaths and is a good baserunner, with 17 steals and 1 CS last year. 20+ HR power. Kills lefties, OK righties. He would look good batting third.

What the A's need right now is starters, perhaps, or a better 1B. Would Pedro Feliz be a good match? He can play 3B well, 1B adequately, LF and RF OK. They are both arbitration eligible I believe so salaries would probably be similar since their production has been similar. I also read that the A's aren't happy with Hatteburg or Durazo. However, Peliz couldn't take a walk if it was sitting in his hands.

Starters are problematic too, as the Giants would want to keep the current 5 of Schmidt, Rueter, Tomko, Williams, and Lowry. I don't know their feelings about Hennessey but I have to assume that Foppert, Cain, and Valdez are off limits unless we are getting someone like Vlad's caliber of player. Would the A's want Tomko and prospects? Tauscher, Beggs, Misch, Treadway, might be options. I doubt Billy would want any of our position prospects.

Other good news on the D-gers front: Adrian Beltre signed with Seattle Mariners for $64M over 5 years. Oy! I figured they might not get him. Else they would not have signed Jeff Kent as a backup plan for not getting Beltre. However, the rumors are they might luck out in the Randy Johnson sweepstakes. The Yankees would get RJ, sends Javier Vasquez to LA, LA sends Brad Penny, Yhency Brazoban, and Shawn Green to Arizona. Risky but I like Vasquez back in the NL, he'll definitely be better than Brad Penny.


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