Who's next? Tucker probably.

Sabean has openly said that they need to improve their hitting versus RHP and that he will try to address that. Too bad this thinking didn't come into place in the offseason when he let Pierzynski and Mohr go, both excellent hitters vs. RHP last season. But no use to cry over spilt milk.

To me, this is a shot across the bow for Tucker who is the Giants main threat against RHP besides Snow and Bonds, who were mentioned when discussing the problem vs. RHP. Not also mentioned was the fact that Alou, despite being a RHH, he has hit well vs. RHP over his career, this year not being much different with an OPS of .807, slightly down from his career but still considered good and Durham had been OK for his career as well but down for this season (he is Jeckyll and Hyde vs. RHP).

With Grissom also being a poor hitter vs. RHP but coming off the DL soon, the Giants will again have to make the choice between two vets, Grissom and Tucker, just like they did with Herges and Brower when Hawkins was added. I have to think they will go with Grissom who in his career killed LHP whereas Tucker's main value is the ability to hit RHP OK, which is much better than most RHH, and he hasn't been doing that this year, though admittedly neither has Grissom. But Grissom, like Brower, was doing it last season while Tucker and Herges wasn't doing it last season, though Tucker did hit about his career average last season. So to me Tucker is next.


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