Happy Birthday Felipe Alou

Hopefully, if the Giants can muster up some offense, he will have one. But it will be a difficult task as the Giants are facing Andy Pettitte and he has been pitching well all season long. Unfortunately for Pettitte, the Astro's offense has been MIA for a while, as hot hitters who shone brightly early in the season has cooled off to glacial cold, and he has a losing record. They have lost 8 of 9, only winning their one game because Clemens only gave up 1 run. Over that stretch, their offense has averaged only 2.3 runs per game. They had been also hampered first by Berkman being out of the lineup and Bagwell still in the lineup when he was hurting.

So if Hennessey can dance his slider in dangerous Minute Maid Stadium without giving up a lot of big hits, he can pull off a win for Felipe today. And maybe a reliever will put the frosting on the cake by closing the game an in emphatic fashion and try to seize the moment. Brower has "Herges" his chances of closing and on the same day Felipe endorsed Tyler Walker, Walker makes a close game a laugher by giving up 3 runs in the 9th yesterday.

The way Fassero has been going, perhaps they should just make him the closer and muddle along with the starting situation. He has been a closer previously in his career (little that he hasn't been probably) so it is not a new job for him, he's been doing well all season long, and reportedly there are some off-days so the Giants could go with a 4-man rotation for a while according to one article I read {Addendum: I looked over the schedule and I don't know what that writer was smoking but there's no way the Giants can go to a 4-man with the breaks currently in the schedule for May unless he's a psychic and knows that there's a rainout coming up. But Fassero should be given a chance since the other players have been flaking out, he couldn't do worse. Just bring up someone from AAA to take Fassero's next spot and try Fassero out as closer until his second starting spot comes up on May 21st.}.

Hennessey will probably take Schmidt's turns in the rotation until he returns, but because Schmidt's problem seems so mysterious to me, this might be indefinitely. One moment he has no problem, just not pitching well, next he's been getting worse since spring training, I wouldn't be surprised if they just did this because they have no idea what's wrong just that there is obviously something wrong with his arm so they are trying rest to see what happens. Hopefully not but it just seems odd to me, especially someone who has been so frequently injured, to not think that perhaps there was an injury based on all that he was saying to the press.


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