Schmidt put on the DL

Do the Giants read my blog? :^D

Seriously, though, Schmidt was placed on the DL yesterday for a shoulder strain and all I can say is why didn't he do this earlier? He now says that he started feeling something in spring training and it progressively got worse. I figure that he probably wanted to pitch the season opener since he missed the last couple of them so I can understand that but he has been talking all season long (and it hasn't been that long) about how he didn't feel right.

Given his history of arm problems and such, shouldn't that have been a signal that maybe something is wrong and they need to shut him down, maybe after his second or third start, just bite the bullet and bring up Hennessey (Foppert was still recovering, Misch had just had his first successes at AAA level, and Cain we should only go to as a last resort and only if we are in contention still). Hopefully this rest will do him good and he can come back and be the Schmidty of the past two seasons, coming back from the DL to do well. But I'm starting to get the feeling that we might be dipping into the well too many times with Schmidt, that it could be a Robb Nen type of situation when it finally breaks and cannot be fixed no matter how hard you try.

Fassero came in and did a stupendous job as starter last night! He faced the minimum 15 batters in 5 IP, giving up only 1 hit (then picking him off) and getting 2 K's. Too bad the bullpen let him down and the offense didn't score a few more runs, he should have gotten a win.

But he's obviously not a long term solution to who the Giants should start, though he might get another one with our #1 and #5 starters out now. The Giants are not sure who will take Schmidt's turn in the rotation but most probably it will be Hennessey. There is suppose to be two off days coming up so perhaps they won't need to start Fassero again. But he has been a great addition to the team, certainly better than most naysayers said about him, though obviously there is still a lot of season to go, but so far, so good.


Blogger Butta said...

I'm really tired (not pun intended) of the Giants (More like Felipe) not giving the starters that extra day of rest. The team has had a ton of off days, and what does he do? go to a 4 man rotation instead of letting the pitchers go every 6 days, rest them NOW, because when the dog days of summer come, this team is gonna be beat up.

Thu May 12, 09:03:00 AM PDT  
Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

I don't see what the problem is of briefly going with a 4 man rotation. These are suppose to be athletes in good to great physical condition. Less than a quarter of the season has passed. If they are already tired, then that means that their bodies were in poor condition at the start of the season.

I don't see how any professional athlete, especially the ones who have had many years of experience, can in good conscience come into spring training not already in good condition. That is taking money out of their mouths, at least for the ones trying to earn a bigger contract.

Why teams don't have a clause in the contract requiring any player with a contract, say, over $3M per year keep their bodies in good condition over the off-season, I would have to say that this is the work of the Player's Union because if I was an owner, that's what I would want. That's why you sometimes get a fat lazy athlete coming in after signing a big contract and why they suddenly find religion in exercise and effort when their contract is nearing the end (hmmm, which Giant has a contract that is half over and came in this year with many pounds lost?).

I saw this happen many years ago when Greg Minton (legitimately) complained about the way the Giants treated him when he wasn't eligible to become a free agent but then once he signed a big contract with the Giants, his sub-3 ERA became a high 3 ERA for 4+ seasons, but once he got traded to the Angels, suddenly he's a good reliever again but only after we put up with 4+ years of mediocre pitching and relieving.

Thu May 12, 10:33:00 AM PDT  

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