Nice present for Felipe Alou

The Giants won yesterday, 6-3, for his birthday. Then they went ahead and won today to boot, 4-2, which was his 900th win of his managerial career. Congrats to Woody too for becoming the winningest lefthander in San Francisco Giants franchise history.

Luckily we caught Houston while it is scuffling, most of their offensive weapons are MIA, in bad slumps or caught in the web of injuries that seems to be afflicting the MLB this year, at least to my eyes. They are a totally different team, with Wily Taveras creating runs with his extraordinary SB abilities - he now leads the league in steals with 13, adding 3 at the expense of the Giants.

And who would have thunk at the beginning of our year that our best pitchers would be Tomko, Hennessey and Rueter and not Schmidt, Williams, and Lowry or that Ellison and Niekro would be two of our best hitters, Ellison would be our best base stealer (with apologies to Vizquel's great performance thus far), or Niekro would be our biggest HR hitter (on AB basis, with apologies to Feliz)? But that's the beauty of every year, for every disappointing season there is usually someone who is outperforming expectations and bringing a smile to fans' faces.

As baseball fans and obsessive compulsives are wont to do, there are superstitions that people follow. Mine happen to be observing how the Giants do when I'm wearing a certain type of t-shirts. For example, the Giants are now 9-2 when I wear a Barry Bonds t-shirt, 2-0 when I wear my Willie Mays t-shirt, and 7-15 when I am wearing other things. I've been trying to do what I can to wear the "right" t-shirt but it's hard when you have to go into the office with work clothes on... :^)


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