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There has been a couple of reactions to my article that I am aware of. One was at Baseball Primer. The other was at Only Baseball Matters. I will put together a detailed response (not merely a rebuttal, but a discussion of the points brought up and my thoughts on them) when I get the time but I wanted to be up front about discussions that have occurred thus far, both good and bad; I've already posted a response on OBM.

I like civil discussions and I will own up if I did something wrong, I have a life (like you all) and had to cut some corners to get it out. So I know that I may get some things wrong here and there (plus I tried to acknowledge some of them in my methodology discussion) but thought I was far along with it to publish and get a discussion going. As a new friend kindly told me, my results are suggestive, not conclusive, but I thought it was interesting, as he put it, to bring a counterpoint to the discussion about Sabean's early round draft pick practices.

My initial reactions? At least please give my article a thorough read before you decide to opine on my article conclusions and not react to other's (or your own) misconception of either my article or myself. I am not a homer, though I root for the Giants. I was down with the Giants in the 70's and early 80's during the mediocre years and let my homer friends know that they were not going anywhere that year, and still rooted my heart out for them to prove me wrong. I said last year that the Giants were good enough to compete for the NL West pennant but nothing more.

Unfortunately my column title fakes some people out and they chose to read a book by its cover. I chose the column name to be funny because anyone who knows me will know that I try to be as unbiased as I can in all that I do and to be as nice as I can (though I can be pushed and am not perfect). Perhaps I should have changed it once I realized this inside joke was only funny to my closest friends, but I was lazy and decided that it's no big deal, I'll just keep that title for my columns on Scout.com and have been "known" by that on boards.

Just give my article and its results a fair reading and I will listen carefully to any problems with my methodology. But I came into this project expecting the worst. I was one of those bashing Sabean for his poor farm system, though I did acknowledge his expertise in being able to flip ultimately useless players into good useful players. And this was what I found. All I care about is that if we are going to say something, is there some way of finding out whether what we say is true and makes sense. I tried to do that and these were my results. Now if only one of us can figure out a way to make the Giants not overpay for players...


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