Durham is disappointing the fans... again!

Damn, had a nice post and it got stuck in an infinite loop...

Basically he has been disappointing but very valuable, too bad he didn't go the extra mile and did everything the Giants asked him to do, given that he was not successful staying healthy by himself. He is paid big money, that means he owes it to us to do all he can to play 140-150 games for us this season especially since it cost us last season with Ransom and Neifi subbing for him. Plus, isn't this his last season on the contract?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't the last season of his contract. Durham has a player option for 2006 at $7 million and its just impossible to imagine he'll turn that down. So essentially he has 2 years left, like Alfonzo (whose 2006 salary will be $8 million).

Sat Feb 05, 05:34:00 AM PST  
Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Damn, forgot about that player option! Thanks! Oy, he better get healthy then and fast...

Sat Feb 05, 08:35:00 AM PST  

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