Could Beltran signing bring us a CF?

I was looking at the news and with Beltran whoring, er, signing with the Mets soon, Rob Neyer of ESPN wrote that perhaps Mike Cameron will become available as trade bait with the signing since Beltran will take over CF now and either push Cameron to RF or push the Mets to trade him though his contract would make that hard. I would assume that they would have to provide some cash to get rid of him in a trade then.

Maybe they would take Michael Tucker and/or Marquis Grissom, who could then play RF adequately for them, in trade for Cameron, who is acknowledged as a strong offensive and defensive CF but is not as strong offensively for RF (the Alfonzo dilemma). The Mets would basically give the Giants Cameron's salary for this year (minus the amount saved by the players traded to the Mets) but the Giants would take on his other years going forward so that it is net no difference for the Giants budget in 2005, plus maybe get a few more millions for future years as well but not the full salary, since Grissom's and Tucker's contracts end in 2005.

The only problem is if both are traded, the Giants don't have anybody experienced enough to backup the three outfield positions. Mohr would have been good but now he's on the Rockies. I guess we could go with Ellison or Linden with Torcato as the main LH PH but Sabean probably would bring in one of the remaining free agents OF to do the job since he leans heavily towards experienced players and he's not going to go with two rookies in the OF. Then again, maybe this opens up more ABs for Feliz to take on if Tucker and Grissom are gone since then he will probably be the main backup for the corner OF positions. In any case, I guess it would have to be Ellison or another CF as we would need a backup CF in case Cameron needs a rest or something. Shinjo anyone? :^)


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