Tomko Interview on KNBR

Don't remember most of the interview (as I was working :^) but the key quote there was his discussion of Mike Matheny since Tomko was with Matheny on the 2003 Cards team. He feels that Matheny and Ausmus are the top two catchers in knowing the hitters tendencies in the NL. That is very important for our staff over the next three seasons of Matheny catching for us because our staff will be populated with young pitchers who don't know the hitters, like Jerome Williams, Noah Lowry, Brad Henessey, David Aardsma, Kevin Correia, Matt Cain, Merkin Valdez and perhaps Pat Misch, Jack Tauscher, Chris Begg, Billy Sadler, Brion Treadway, Scott Munter, Joe Bateman, James Garcia, Brian Burres, Ben Thurmond, Sean "Spider" Martin, Michael Kunes, and Craig Whitaker.

That's something he can impart to Yorvit Torrealba over the next three seasons and prepare him to be a top defensive catcher, which he already is, who can also help the pitchers with batters across the league. Or if not him, then the future catcher residing in our farm system (hopefully).


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