Feliz signed for two years, $6.1M

Feliz signed a contract...Feliz signed a contract.
Feliz signed a contract for two years at $6.1M
(sung to Feliz Navidad)

I've been a Pedro Feliz fan ever since his big year at AAA, through thin and now thick. Maybe fan is too strong, since I didn't know if he would pan out or not, but I figured anyone who can hit 30+ homers like he did at Fresno should be given a chance to get full-time at-bats to see what he could do and not be traded away. Of course, that was when I thought he was a young 25 and not an old 27.

But it's not chopped liver what he's been doing the past couple of years. And I am glad they kept him despite all the fans calls for trading him, especially after the World Series where he did poorly. Which I didn't blame him for, Baker just threw him to the wolves; Baker should have started someone consistently throughout the series at DH so that that player would have gotten consistent AB instead of having a rusty Shinjo, Dunston, and Feliz play a game each.

I would have started Shinjo each time, plus play him in CF and Lofton DH the games at Anaheim, for the defense. He hit well for the Giants (and for the Mets the year before), hitting 6-7 in the lineup, and that was where he was used to batting in Japan, where he was an RBI guy, not a leadoff guy.

Baker horribly misused him all year because, apparently in Baker's head, the CF has to leadoff (though probably it was because there was no one who logically would leadoff so Baker said, "Why the hell not" to the idea of leading off with Shinjo). Then later he insulted Shinjo by batting him 8th, where he did terribly, whereas Bell was not only not insulted, but he excelled batting 8th (the Japanese players who come to the U.S. have a taboo about hitting 8th, it was quite an insult). Sanders, despite his HR power, hit terribly in the middle of the lineup and with men on base (a double whammy for an RBI guy), but excelled leading off, based on his career numbers. He should have been leading off and Shinjo should have been batting 6-7, which is where Sanders mainly hit.

Oh, back from memory lane, Yorvit also signed a contract for one year, $700K. Both signed for about what I expected them to sign for so my Giants payroll budget is still the same as I noted below.


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