Schierholtz Played Injured 2005, Now Healed

Wow, like Nate said in the interview on SFGiants.com, "that wasn't smart." He was lucky his bone didn't get worse by playing, Conte said it could have broke. So he was in pain all year and it sounds like his bone could have broke eventually but all he did was hit .319/.363/.514/.877 with 15 homers in 502 AB.

Some of his rate stats looked worse in 2005, so I thought he was on a down trend but this could be a brand new ballgame with this confession. 2006 should hopefully be even more interesting than 2005, especially since he feels his time is running out since it's his fourth year. Motivation could help him break out. But he's only 22, so there's still time, unlike Linden, who is probably nearing his shelf-date as a serious prospect.


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