Give that man a long term contract!

Scott Munter was on KNBR tonight on the Giants segment that they do every Thursday and he said that he learned his sinker from Bob Stanley, who worked with him on it in 2003 and 2004 before Munter broke through with his 2005 season. Munter said that his success didn't come until he was able to break 90 MPH on his sinker, which I guess took him two years to figure out.

He said that he's working on a slider to give him more options in 2006. He said his arm feels like normal now, his surgery took out bone chips and scraped off scar tissue that had formed in there. As Chico would say to Da Man, "Lookin' Goood!"

Anyway, we should give Stanley a long term contract to teach his sinker to other pitchers. I wonder what Tidrow's specialty pitches were.


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