Article on Wright in Chron

Nice article in the Chron on Wright, I like Todd Greene’s comment:

Todd Greene, who caught some of those games, said, "I think he has electric stuff. You don't get away with as many mistakes in Denver. His sinker and curveball are above-average major-league pitches for sure. He's got major-league stuff."

I hope so, cause that could give us a pretty good to very good rotation, top to bottom.

Odd mention in the article is that he hopes to either be the 5th starter or "If it's not the rotation, it's the bullpen. As long as I'm in a Giants uniform when we head north, all the other stuff will work itself out."

Where is there a spot for that? Fassero is suppose to be our long reliever, we can't have two of them. Plus, if we do, that means two of Munter, Taschner, and Accardo would go down to the minors, if I am counting right - Benitez, Worrell, Kline, Fassero, Walker, Wright - yeah only one spot left if we go with 12 pitchers.

Well, like I noted numerous times, I hope Wright comes through and takes the 5th spot, he'll be a nice cheap starter for us for a few years if he can pitch to the levels his career road numbers suggest. Then Hennessey can hopefully bloom for us in AAA and be ready to take a rotation spot in 2007, assuming we don't somehow re-sign Schmidt with a huge home discount. Or Correia or Valdez, I'm not picky, I know prospects don't always work out, look at the A's and Met's 4 Aces in the early 1990's, they ALL fizzled out as starters, only Isringhausen had any kind of a good career afterward.


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