Tiiime is NOT on our side, no it ain't

OK, that's the title I wanted for my last post....

Sabean said 48 hours, it's past 48 hours now, either Morris and his agent were bluffing or maybe he has had a change of heart (of the kind that Bonds had when he resigned with the Giants "I wasn't really going to leave the Giants...." or something like that). Either way, most reported signs are that the Cards either insulted Morris with their low-ball offer of "hometown" discount or are balking at 3 years or both and Morris' agent said that they aren't looking at accepting arbitration for a one year deal and that they are open to leaving if the Cards aren't going to be competitive with their contract offer, which so far we've heard that they were insulted by the offer, yet the clock is still ticking, he hasn't chosen yet.

Perhaps Sabean meant the 48 hours as a sign that Morris isn't interested in the Giants but is interested in using the Giants to leverage the Cards into a bettter deal. Obviously something is slowing down negotiations, as it is. Maybe Morris was hoping to get more like what Burnett got, it would cheese me if I was as good a pitcher as Morris was earlier in his career whereas Burnett hasn't really done as much, but because Morris had the bad two years because of the injury, he's going to get less than someone who appears to be around the same skill level as you (or perhaps worse, depending on what you look at for comparison). Maybe he really wants to stay with the Cards but needed to display a negotiation edge (can't get any bids from other teams saying that you only want to stay with the Cards).

Whatever it is, I feel like the Giants are the groom at the altar with the wedding ring in hand, waiting for the bride to come down the aisle and the music is playing but still no bride. Cold feet? Change of mind? Phone not working? Climbed through the bathroom window? Took off with her old boyfriend?

I hope the Giants stick to the offers I've seen in the press: 2 years, $18M or 3 years, $25M. To think that we, meaning baseball, are to the point of paying $7M for an "inning-eating" pitcher appalls me. I've been told to get used to it, that it's the new revenues rolling in, that this is the market, that I'm an oldtimer (OK, I called myself that one :^).

But to me an "innings-eater" is just another way of saying mediocre pitcher who don't pitch particularly well but he can pitch a LOT of innings and that's a good thing. No, it's not. It is time to find other ways to eat those innings. Heck, for $7M, take every prospect we have in our farm system, sign every free agent pitcher to a minimum contract, and use the gelatine (I don't want any trademark lawyers coming at me ;^) on the wall trick and see who can eat a lot of innings mediocrely.

Because we have a pretty good core of Schmidt, Lowry, and Cain. They may all not pitch dominantly as a top of the rotation type of pitcher in 2006 but as long as we have Bonds in the lineup, we got a dominant offense, and you saw how many games Rueter could win not pitching dominantly but pitching well enough for our offense. As I noted in the other post, they should be good enough for the top of our rotation in 2006, we just need inning eatting #4 and #5 starters to get us through to the middle of the year, where we could then trade for a rental starter in the Top of the Rotation mode of pitchers to get us to the finish line.


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